Find me on Twitter

If you have a general question, regarding this site, my products, or you just need some help, feel free to contact me (@akashivskyy or @kashivcom) on Twitter.

Find me on Facebook

Since Facebook is more private social network, you can’t contact me directly, but you can like our official Facebook page and send us a private or public message.

Create a ticket/pull request on GitHub

If you have a problem with my code resources, feel free to create a ticket or a pull request in one of my GitHub repositories. Eventually, you can write an email to my support address.

Contact me by email

If you have a private question, which you think would be inappropriate to send as a public message, you can still contact me by email.

  • Business question: business at this domain
  • Help or individual support: support at this domain
  • General question: contact at this domain

Note: Emails sent to inappropriate addresses will not be answered. Additionally, if you have a support question, I strongly encourage you to ask it on Twitter, so that other people will be able to find an answer if they have a similar question. You can write in English or in Polish.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.