Today I decided to turn the comments off. I have been wondering about that for a long time, so don’t think it’s an unconsidered action. I realized that I have written more than 30 posts and I have only 27 comments in my whole site. That is a very, very low number. I don’t want to write here any long poem, but I pretty much like the Matt Gemmell’s article. He has some strong arguments against comments which I agree with:

  1. They’re for a tiny minority.
  2. Comments on the web don’t contribute very much.
  3. Comments encourage unconsidered responses.
  4. Comments allow anonymity and separation of your words from your identity.
  5. Comments create a burden of moderation on the blog owner.

Still, I don’t want to lose contact with my viewers, consumers and users. If you want co contact me, you can find me (@akashivskyy or @kashivcom) on Twitter or contact me in another way. Click here for more info.

“I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.” ~Matt Gemmell