I am happy to announce, that today, August 4, 2012, we’re celebrating our 2rd birthday (the first post was created on Aug 4, 2010)! I think it’s a great opportunity to change something… That’s it – you’re right! It’s the new logo you see in the header (also on twitter and facebook). It’s a brand new colorful design on which we were working on past week. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s also a great time to talk about history of kashiv.com’s original square ‘K’ logo design.

The ‘K’ logo of kashiv.com has a long history. Everything started in 2009, when I was in Croatia. I wanted to create a tech website, which provides great Flash development resources (I didn’t know anything about Obj-C or iPhone OS in ’09). I was wondering about the website design and, of course, the logo design. I’m was a bad web designer with a little experience, but I wanted to do it. I started by sketching some concepts. One of them has won. Read the rest after the break.

The first Kashiv.com website design project

The concept

So, I had a design. It was full of squares and sharp edges, but I was satisfied. What’s next? The logo design. I wanted to make it as simple as possible. I couldn’t make up anything but a ‘K’ letter. I started to imagine how simple a ‘K’ glyph can be and 3 days after I came up with this:

The first Kashiv.com logo project

It was so simple that I was afraid if I didn’t overdo it. But I thought I couldn’t make up a better logo, so I continued. I was so excited, that I’ve created a font design as well, but I’ve never did it.

The early project of Kashiv.com font

The logo journey

So I started creating my vector logo. The first one, created in 2010, was the simplest one. Just black border with black stripes. The second one, created in 2011, was more graceful than the last one. It was filled with a blue gradient, had a white border and drop shadow. The third one, created 3 months ago, was the most complicated one. It was directly inspired by the Mac App Store icon. However, it was posted only on our Facebook and Twitter page. Here’s the comparison image:

The revolution

The time has come to change something, so I created a brand new, shiny and colorful logo. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

PS: Check out the App Store, maybe there’s a birthday sale? :P