Today I’m glad to present you the new version of my website – the 3rd one. has a new theme called BetterProfessional, which was fully written and designed by Adrian Kashivskyy (me). Design is based on TheProfessional theme by Elegant Themes but everything began from empty WordPress theme was created from the beginning using latest CSS3/HTML5/WP3 features. It’s an awesome example from my portfolio. And by the way, did you notice a tiny change? There is no “Projects” page. Instead we’re offering you a new Portfolio page with the whole new design! All major features are listed below:

  • No images. We hate images. There are only 10 images which are required by the design. In TheProfessional, there were 127 of them, by the way.
  • New homepage design. TheProfessional’s homepage was good, but not perfect. There were a lot of bugs which had to be fixed by editing the source code. With BetterProfessional, there are no bugs, so you can fully enjoy
  • CSS3 + HTML5 + WP3 = YEAH is now compatible with HTML5, CSS3 and WP3 (some styles won’t be applied in CSS2-based browsers). Most graphics are generated by CSS functions e.g. gradients and box-shadows.
  • The new Portfolio page. Everyone wants to share his work with others. Me too. :)

Why do I list all these features? It’s because BetterProfessional theme will be for sale soon! Get ready! Until then… enjoy!